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Buying curtains and blinds in Holland

Buying curtains and blinds in Holland

Buying curtains and blinds in Holland

So you found a nice place to live in Holland

But like everybody you need to decorate your house. And of course everything is slightly different, and anyhow the language is quite different.

Buying curtains in Holland

Where to buy curtains in Holland. There are many shops, but if you feel comfortable with buying online, then we have a nice range of fabrics antd the possibility to look, touch and buy at home in your own time.

The way it works with echtgordijn is that you:

  1. choose the fabric at home (we will send you free swatches),
  2. do the measuring (which is definitely nof difficult), 
  3. make the choice on how the curtain should be made (pleats, rings or blinds)
  4. place the order
  5. Wait for 2-3 weeks forthe curtains to arrive, after which you only need to place them and enjoy!

Assistance /advice 

The website is completley in dutch, but off course we can help you by telephone or mail through the process.

Ordering free swatches (address in Holland)

When browsing through the site, at the bottom of every page of a fbric, you will find a button "gratis stofstaal". You can order 5 swatches for free.

Curtain dictionary

  • Gordijn= curtain
  • vouwgordijn = blind
  • Gordijnen op maat = curtains made to measure
  • vouwgordijn op maat  blinds made to measure
  • Plooi = pleat
  • brandwerend = flame retardant 
  • kamerhoog = roomhigh fabrics
  • lichtdoorlatend = curtainfabric for regular use (you can noot look through them, but light will come through)
  • transparant = transparent curtains, voile or in between
  • verduisterend = dimout or blackout fabrics
  • rails = tracks UK
  • roede = pole

This is a quick guide only, if you need more information, don't hesitate contacting us at echtgordijn.

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